Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity

Red Team Membership Application

Please read the Red Team Membership Terms and Conditions before you send your application.
Application requirements:
1. Verifiable mailing address
2. Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time of application
3. Must submit most recent head-shot photo
4. Membership fee
By clicking on the link below, providing your information and mailing address, and making a payment you agree to the Red Team Terms and Conditions.
Pay with WePay
Upon acceptance of your Red Team Membership application expect to receive the following:
- Free Red Team t-shirt
- Free copy of the e-book America's Greatest Challenge: Succession and Continuity
- Free USA flag pin
Shipment of the Red Team Manual is free.
Delivery of the Red Team Manual is subject to the verification of your mailing address and submission of your most recent head-shot photo.
If you have questions email

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