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"Red Teaming is the practice of viewing a problem from an adversary or competitor’s perspective. The goal of most red teams is to enhance decision making, either by specifying the adversary’s preferences and strategies or by simply acting as a devil’s advocate (Red Team Journal,
In recent years, a number of professional organizations and government agencies have gone through these exercises. Red Teaming and Alternative Analysis is a widely-accepted facet of global security and national defense.
ISSC's objectives, however, may achieve the same goals but with different results. They are the following:

1. An independent study of the present and future security vulnerabilities of the United States that may have been overlooked, ignored or unimagined.

2. Simulation and modeling of the use of hitherto unimagined threats (HUTs) to major cities of the United States.

3. Educate, train and develop future generations of aspiring national security personnel and researchers from the academe and independent field.

4. Identify new security and defense innovations, inventions and industries.

5. Utilize and involve unemployed and/or disabled and/or homeless Armed Forces veterans to take part in the research and exercises.

6. Provide the information obtained from the research and exercises to relevant academic  and research institutions, and government agencies.
"Red Team" members strictly adhere to the following rules:
1. Never cause alarm, fear or panic with the general public.
2. Never disclose information unless it's necessary or required, and with the consent of your superior and/or peers, or as mandated by law.
3. Red teaming is for research. It must never be used to attack the system, which we vow to protect, defend and secure.
4. Inform relevant organizations and government agencies of the exercise so as not to cause alarm, fear or panic.
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