Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity

written by
Joseph S. Bayana
"A simple way to explain a complex problem. Enjoyable reading."
-- William E., Detroit MI
"This book made me realize the realities of life and face up to my past mistakes. I'm a lot wiser now..."
-- Tanya M., Cleveland. OH
"For years I struggled to find a way out of living from paycheck to paycheck. Your book helped me solve my problems."
-- Cindy Lee, Memphis
"Books that touch you for the rest of your life are rare. This is one of them."
-- Roberta Benson, Los Angeles, CA
"Times are rough, but I read your book everyday to keep me going."
-- Frederico B., Newark NJ
"I got over my drug problems by reading your book..."
-- Lyndon M., Philadelphia PA
"I used to look up to others to give me a helping hand. Now, I just open the pages of your book and read..."
-- Juanito T., Tucson AZ
"Nobody's responsible for me except myself. I know this now. And as I continue to flip burgers in my current job, I know it's not going to last forever if I set a goal in the future for myself... I'll keep your book for the rest of my life."
-- Carter T.,Central Islip NY
"After reading your book I realized the importance of education. I'm going back to school..."
-- Wyatt K., Baltimore MD

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