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Succession and Continuity

America's Greatest Challenge:
Succession and Continuity
written by Joseph S. Bayana
"America's Greatest Challenge: Succession and Continuity" tackles a wide array of significant issues facing an American-led civilization.
But it's not about Social Security, health care, the economy, or putting the right people in the right place, at the right time.
It's not about a runaway comet, polar reversal, or biological warfare. It's not even a nuclear bomb, a rogue state, or bearded men wishing the downfall of the biggest and greatest economy in human history.
This book is about how each and every generation must ensure that the hand-over processes take place, or risk the vaunted start of the breakdown. It reminds us of the responsibilities and leadership of each and every American, by explaining how and why our decisions can make or break history’s most successful experiment in democracy and capitalism.
Book Information
Title: America's Greatest Challenge: Succession and Continuity
Author: Joseph S. Bayana
Publisher: ISSC, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4276-4239-4
Length:430 pages
Table of Contents
         Chapter One
               The Challenge defined
               What is Succession?
               What is Continuity?
               Factors of Succession and Continuity
               The Start of the Breakdown
               Succession and Continuity: Explained
         Chapter Two
               Younger, Faster, Better
               List of Major Civilizations
               Responsibility, Leadership and Decisions in theUS
         Chapter Three
         Chapter Four
               The Library of Humanity
         Chapter Five
         Chapter Six
               The Next Two Hundred and Thirty-three Years
         Chapter Seven
               Mass Media
         Chapter Eight

"A fascinating perspective of American responsibility written by a virtual unknown... A great scholarly work."
-- Jesse W., Penn.
"Inspiring and informative.The kind of book school children and college kids should read."
-- Emmet R., Wisconsin
"I'm 63 and I thought books about the USA all said the same things. I didn't understand what America was REALLY about until I read your book. I wish I had something like this when I was younger. Thanks for opening my eyes."
-- Ahmed M., Alexandria, VA
"The chapter about the Family taught me a lot of things about business succession. Nothing's better than reading it from a fellow entrepreneur who knows American generations."
-- Eric K., San Francisco, CA
"I gave your book as a gift to my professor and he found it extremely interesting. He said he wanted to know more about, what else, the economics of succession and continuity... your book helped a lot with my research."
-- Ethel W., Boston MA
"You're the Tocqueville of the 21st century..."
-- Alfred L., Chicago
"There are game changers, mind benders, and eye openers... your book is an intellectual initiator."
-- Conrad F., WA
"This book should be required reading for all military personnel..."
-- Jim J., Texas
"Written by a true patriot..."
-- Kenneth B., Nebraska
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