Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity

Our Mission
We are a broad-based, privately funded, not-for-profit organization that endeavors to do research and disseminate information on the continuous viability of an American-led civilization. The multi- and inter-disciplinary academic inquiry into the longevity of our present civilization is referred to as Succession and Continuity Studies. 
In service to the public, we are a broad-based think tank that promotes the discussion and awareness of Succession and Continuity Studies. In this regard, we strongly advocate the role of the United States of America in the continuous formation of a stable, peaceful, and progressive civilization. 
This website, and the book, America's Greatest Challenge: Succession and Continuity, is the culmination of twenty-five years of experience and research coming from an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach. In graduate school and on my own, I've studied macro and microeconomics, economic theories from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen and other noted prominent laureates, business, management, marketing, political theory, comparative politics, educational theories, major religions of the world, leadership studies, and the wide-ranging concepts of world and American history to begin the conversation on what is, without a doubt, America’s Greatest Challenge.
Almost a decade ago, while mired in research, I was surprised that no academic or government institution, or non-profit organization took on the initiative to open the conversation and discussions on American succession and continuity.
A few groups or organizations jabbed at the topic, and brought up the issue when it came into the media limelight. Then the 911 attacks happened and the US government created the Continuity of Government Commission, and the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC). But succession and continuity seemed like an elitist "Noah's Ark" where only a select few are included are included and tasked with the responsibility. 
More recently, politicians asked the American populace about the greatest challenge but nothing concrete ever came out of them.
It also came as a shock that America’s Greatest Challenge has not been taken openly on a national level. In short, we seem to take for granted processes that took us two hundred and thirty-four years to build.
So I took my research and spent the five years writing the book. Support came from friends, benefectors and contributors, and others who understood the need; ordinary people living simple lives who share an extraordinary and complex vision about succession and continuity. Together we put-up a website to introduce my findings, and aim to create an organization that will help begin and perpetuate the conversation on America’s Greatest Challenge.
 We (everyone who contibuted to the research and the website) hope to raise national, and eventually international, interest on these issues.
Lastly, we are not the only experts on America’s Greatest Challenge and the topics, issues, and academic disciplines that come along with it. We invite every American, and anyone who's interested to take part in the conversation. George Washington never believed he could single-handedly win the Revolution; our anti-trust laws do away with monopolies; and, needless to say, the USA shares power in the UN Security Council.
With your contribution and involvement we hope to know more.
Look at America’s Greatest Challenge in the eyes, and face up to the challenge!
There is no greater challenge!
We hope that you will help us spread the information and knowledge that you gain from this website and from the book.
Joseph S. Bayana
Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity (ISSC)
The Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity (ISSC) was incorporated in the State of New Jersey in February 2009, and is registered with the New York Department of State.

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