Institute for the Study of Succession and Continuity

Joseph S. Bayana
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"A fascinating perspective of American responsibility written by a virtual unknown... A great scholarly work."
-- Jesse W., Penn.
"Inspiring and informative.The kind of book school children and college kids should read."
-- Emmet R., Wisconsin
"I'm 63 and I thought books about the USA all said the same things. I didn't understand what America was REALLY about until I read your book. I wish I had something like this when I was younger. Thanks for opening my eyes."
-- Ahmed M., Alexandria, VA
"The chapter about the Family taught me a lot of things about business succession. Nothing's better than reading it from a fellow entrepreneur who knows American generations."
-- Eric K., San Francisco, CA
"I gave your book as a gift to my professor and he found it extremely interesting. He said he wanted to know more about, what else, the economics of succession and continuity... your book helped a lot with my research."
-- Ethel W., Boston MA
"You're the Tocqueville of the 21st century..."
-- Alfred L., Chicago
"There are game changers, mind benders, and eye openers... your book is an intellectual initiator."
-- Conrad F., WA
"This book should be required reading for all military personnel..."
-- Jim J., Texas
"Written by a true patriot..."
-- Kenneth B., Nebraska


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